Toothless (Mononome Remix)

by Elephant Phinix / Noaone

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The second single in the series of four is released by Elephant Phinix from Beatquick.
This time it regards a remix of "Toothless". A track taken from Elephant Phinix's and Noaone's latest release "The Gutter Twinz".
Mononome contrasts on the original track's rawness and gives it a smoother touch.


released February 25, 2014

Lyrics by Elephant Phinix
Produced by Mononome
Mix / Master : Koebbel
Artwork : Vasilis Markosian



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Beatquick Athens, Greece

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Track Name: Toothless Remix
Once a man
Twice a child
stay pure
I spit the truth on the mic
so i can find the cure

From agoraphobia to cynicism from being afraid to live
to not giving a Fuck lost in a hurricane
you feel abandoned in a cataclysm
Fake love money and drugs only corrupt our mission
from being afraid to give to consuming to live
from being afraid to think to being afraid to be
I dig my way out talk the truth through lyricism
i write down what i see through a clear vision
The mind tries to think open up it'll find a way I've
lived a good man a bad man a walking dead man
a zombie with no opinion filled with sorrow living with no plan...
Stuck on a wrong though...
Woke up and grabbed the chance
kissed goodbye my ego
now the truth is in my hand now i got a plan
I've been an angel a devil a rebel a hater a liar
just playing with fire my train of thought was close to expire
Unplugged the wire...
stopped been an enemy to myself got sick and tired
thank god the demon inside me retired his power expired
I wanna live life stay true and inspired
I've been happy and sad calm and mad
gave attention to the wrong things
and blamed others for that
From a underachiever to a loud receiver
and from a fake deceiver to a true hip hop believer
Spit the truth or you stay Toothless....


Story goes, life is small so don't live with anger
cause it turns into poison and controls your manners
it turns you into a snake you bite the hand that feeds you
an when you finally speak your people don't believe you
My cure is on the mic this is my holy water
it makes me think straight want a wife a house and daughter
while politics an television promote slaughter
i put the hatred aside cause it's like boiling water...
Life is an endless journey so i continue riding
a roller coaster with no breaks but i 'll continue riding
Live life to the fullest and continue grinding
Levitate and elevate until you see horizon


Once a man....twice a child...